Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Geopathic Stress Causes Cancer

Experiments have revealed the fact that 85% of those who died of cancer were people who were regularly exposed to the GEOPATHIC STRESS LINES. We continuously hear it form those around us, that despite of the fact that they had been on a healthy diet regime, they encountered this deadly disease. Then there are those who do not drink, smoke and also exercise on a regular basis, yet they suffer from CANCER


There are millions in the present day world who are dying of cancer. Whats the cause that makes the people suffer from this deadly disease. Thousands of medical practitioners, therapists have confirmed that people who are regularly exposed to the Geopathic Stress lines are more likely to be suffering from CANCER then those who are not exposed to these lines.

Geopathic Stress lines do not causes CANCER, but it weakens and lowers the immune system of our body Its during the time we sleep, our bodies resistance drops by two thirds, This is the time when the body builds its immune system and strengthens the ability to fight against diseases. If our normal sleeping processes are interfered then we have less energy to strengthen the immune system and likewise our body becomes more prone to being attacked by diseases. 

Geopathic Stress is accompanied by lot of depression which makes it very difficult for a patient to recover from the illness. People diagnosed with cancer have very acidic blood, are high in micro-parasites but low in certain vital enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements due to a poor absorption rate caused by Geopathic Stress. This accenuates the malnutrition in the body and weakens the immune system of a person leading to CANCER The ability of the body to fight against the diseases is severely lowered and as a result the person dies of other ailments like pneumonia, heart attack etc. 

One should not e it down, that we all produce CANCER causing cells in our body, but they are destroyed by the immune system of our body. But a person who sleeps in the Geopathic stress affected zone has a weak immune system and thereby the strength to fight against the diseases is considerably reduced.

Its very important that we take the help of a Geopathic Stress Expert and clear our homes and work place of all the GS lines to enjoy a healthy and stress free living.

Vaastu Shastra For Plants and Trees

The plants play an important role in our life. They symbolize growth and emits energy. Vaastu is all about energy. The plants that we choose have a direct effect on our growth and prosperity because the energy emitted by a plant in the form of gases is inhaled by us. There are some plants which emits harmful gases and thereby has a negative effect on us. In case we plant the wrong trees nd plants in our homes, it can have an adverse effect on our health and financial aspects.

 - One must be very careful in choosing the plants and trees and they should be planted in the right direction to reap the benefits. The plants with very broad leaves respresent more air  element and thus the zones which requires more of air elements must be decorated with more and more of broad leaved plants. Such plants when placed in the north zone of the house expands the horizons of financial development. It not only opens the new career opportunities but also gives proves beneficial in the financial development of the family.

  •  Placing green plants in the health zone is beneficial too according to the vaastu shastra principles. It aids in the early and speedy recovery from ailments.
  •  In order to increase the warmth in relations, flow of cash etc plants with red leaves can be placed in the east zone of the house.
  •  According to vaastu principles thorny bushes and plants should not be planted in the house
  •  Milky trees should also not be planted within the four walls of the compound as it leads to poor health of the family members.
  •  Banyan and peepal are considered to be sacred trees andso muct not be planted within the compound of the hosue. They should be planted in the temples.
  •  Growing money plant, lemon and lotus proves lucky for the inmates of the family. It brings in good luck in terms of finance.
  •  Tulsi plant should be planted in the house in the east, north-east and north direction of the house
  •  Some other auspicious trees and plants that can be planted in the house according to vaastu shastra are cinnamon, arishta, rose, chameli, pomengranate etc.

Monday, May 4, 2015

How To Build Wealth

Who does not like to be rich and wealthy. 

One of the most important thing that one can do effortlessly to increase the flow of wealth and prosperity in home is to paste pictures that depict wealth flowing effortlessly into your home in the inside of the southeast and southwest cupboards.

This is sure to enhance your financial income!!! 

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Generate Positive Energy

Everything around us is all about the energy. Generate the right energy to fill in your lives with love, laughter and happiness. Everything that we associate with has energy link ups. POSITIVE ENERGY or NEGATIVE ENERGY. the more positive we think about our actions, lives and work in hand...the more and more of positive energy is created in and around us

No matter how much we read, listen and learn we tend to fail in creating the perfect positive environment around us. How we attract positive energy and thereby attract health, wealth and love in life solely depends on us. The choice is ours...whether we exhibit calmness in all that we do and attract Positive energy or we show negative feelings to everything around us and therby attract Negative energy.

There are few simple steps which can always asisst us in attracting positive energy

1) Meditate on a regular basis
2) Treat everyone with calmness and respect
3) Let positivity be the way you look at things
4) Dream of a peaceful life
5) remove all clutters from your workplace and home
6) Give up your ego
7) Stop always worrying for the future
8) Enjoy the beauty of nature
9) Give away the anxiety which fills the large part in you
10) Always stand with a yes to everything...think you can always do it!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Geopathic Stress : Your worst enemy

Geopathic Stress has been the talk of the recent times. Though a majority of people are still unaware about this serious problems which is hanging like a sword on our neck. Sleeping in a geopathic stress affected area is like sleeping with an enemy without even knowing the danger that we are letting ourselves fall into.

The term Geopathic stress means disease or suffering of the earth. It literally refers to the earth energies that are harmful to mankind. Geopathic Stress lines runs through the earth. When a structure is built above the underground water, the natural magnetic flow of the water energy is restricted and disruptive vibrations are sent in the building. If we sleep over these lines over a period of time, the body's resistance to diseases can be affected.

However, people still need to be made aware about this dangerous enemy. The effects of Geopathic Stress are varied. However something which is an issue of major concern is CANCER. Yes, very correctly interpreted. Sleeping in a Geopathic Stress zone for a considerable amount of times leads to development of cancer in the part of the body which lies in the intersection point.

Vaastuvedas is making an earnest effort to create an awareness amongst the people about this serious cause. Lets join hands together and spread the word. Let more and more people know about the
 > What is Geopathic Stress
 > How is Geopathic Stress caused?
 > How do you know that you are Geopathic Stress effected
 > Geopathic Stress and CANCER
 > What are the remedial measures

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Right Sleeping Position In The Night

I have always heard people commenting that their head seems to be so heavy when they get up from sleep. While some others add that they never sleep to well in the night. Have you ever wondered why is it that after a days hard work you have just not been able to sleep tight and sleep well. In most of the cases its attributed to the wrong sleeping positions. Here is your chance and resource to know whats the correct sleeping position for you.

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The Effect of Geomagnetic Storms On Heart Strokes

I have been discussing about the stress lines which is engulfing the life of mankind at a much faster rate than one can analyze. With refrence (Reuters Health), I will very seriously like to bring to light that Geomagnetic Storms are very much related to the HEART STROKES.

These Geomagnetic Storms are created when the magnetic balance of the earth is disturbed by solar winds, or coronal mass ejections.An extensive research was carried out by the researchers in New York and it was put to light that amongst more than 11,000 people who suffered a stroke, it was most likely to happen on the days when geomagnetic storms were recorded.

Dr. Valery L. Feigin of the National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences at the School of Rehabilitation and Occupation Studies at Auckland University of Technology added that these results amazed him. He said that the size and consistency of the stroke further confirmed the fact that geomagnetic storms are directly related to the increasing number of strokes.

These geomagnetic storms brings harm in ways more than one. It makes the magnetic compass behave in an unpredictable manner. In 1989, a geomagnetic storm disrupted the Quebec power grid. This resulted in a complete blackout in the province that lasted nine hours.In an order to find the correlation between the heart strokes and the geomagnetic storms a detailed study was carried out. Dr.Valery and his colleagues studied the dates of the patients first stroke and compared it to the geomagnetic activity from the same time period
from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For each incident of stroke, researchers compared geomagnetic activity that day with activity on eight other days when the patient did not have a stroke. It was analysed that the geomagnetic storms were 19 percent more likely to occur on geomagnetic storm days than on other days.

The Geomagnetic Storms are likely to effect the blood pressure, variations in heart rhythm and blood clotting abilities. These all in turn are related to the heart strokes. The very idea that the geomagnetic storm will effect the strokes might appear to be a vague and new idea to people. People are not likely to change their way of living to escape this. And as a matter of fact, nothing much can be done to avoid the geomagnetic storms, because the Earth's magnetic field is everywhere.